As a rule of thumb we carry out a condition survey together with Owner’s superintendent so that we can make a exact list of works to be carried out during dry-docking, periodical maintenance (SS) or emergency repairs. We arrange a quotation with respect to the repair cost.

Our repair services include: hull repair works, maintenance of motor, gearbox, screw and other parts of the vessel. Specialists of MABROCONA have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in their field of work, which aids in developing boundless possibilities connected with sea shipping and land-based power plants.

List of SHIPREPAIR services:

  • Hull repair works;
  • Vessel modernization;
  • Repair of hull coating and set;
  • Repair of main diesel engines;
  • Repair of auxiliary diesel engines;
  • Boiler, heat exchange system, pump, compressor, shaft, separator and other equipment repair;
  • Repair of electric automatics.


Shiprepair gallery: