We have 17 years of experience and expertise in the field of shipbuilding and offshore construction. Our clients are well-known shipbuilding companies in Europe and have a particularly strong client base in the Baltic market. We also represent ship owners/buyers from around the world. Experience of MABROCONA extends to all kinds of vessels and offshore structures, including specialist vessels such as drilling platforms, carriers, fishing & passenger vessels, multicats.

The services which we provide cover the full spectrum of shipbuilding and offshore construction projects, from drafting of the shipbuilding contracts, refund guarantees and related contracts, through to contract negotiation, advising clients on contractual issues as they may arise in the course of the project, and handling dispute resolution.

You can find some examples of our work in the gallery below:


As well as advising in relation to shipbuilding and offshore construction contracts, we also advise on vessel conversion and repair contracts. Our shipbuilding & shiprepair experience cooperates with highly reputable ship repair yards of Lithuania (WSY, Klaipeda Ship Repair, “Baltija” Shipbuilding yard), Estonia (Tallink), Latvia and Norway.