We produce metal structures according to customer orders, prepare specific project or individual orders estimates taking into consideration the customer’s wishes for the materials. In order to ensure the accuracy and quality of metal constructions, the company has the following modern equipment installed:

  • Semi-automatic profile cutting line;
  • Welding control using ultrasound;
  • Various technological metal products production and installation;
  • Lifting-transportation mechanisms production and repair;
  • Product sandblasting according to the ISO 8501 standard;
  • Product painting using the method according to the ISO 12944 standard;
  • Product galvanizing according to the ISO 1461 standard;
  • Welding using semiautomatic/electrodes and dismantling/cutting;
  • Turning;
  • Milling;
  • Product loading onto ships or barges and other services.


You can find some examples of our work in the gallery below: